Operation Solomon

Did you know...

  • The topic of Ethiopian Jewry took top priority in the Israeli government when Rebels took over the Mariam government in 1991
  • A special permit was arranged so that the Israeli El-Al could fly on Shabbat for Operation Solomon
  • Operation Solomon continued non stop for 36 hours
  • Operation Solomon used 34 jumbo El-Al jets and Hercules C-130s
  • The seats were removed from the airplanes used in Operation Solomon to fit more people
  • Operation Solomon was named after King Solomon, the King from whom the Beta Israel draw their lineage
  • A total of 14,324 Ethiopian Jews were rescued during Operation Solomon
  • Operation Solomon rescued twice the number of Jews than did Operation Moses and Operation Joshua
  • Yitzhak Shamir of the Likud Party was Prime Minister during Operation Solomon
  • At one point during Operation Solomon, 28 airplanes were in the air at the same time
  • Aryeh Oz, who piloted the El Al 747 cargo plane, said there were 1,087 people on his flight, twice the number it is supposed to hold 
  • There were 5 babies born on the planes on the way to Israel
  • 400 buses were used to pick people up after they arrived in Israel
{Source: from the Jewish Virtual Library & the New York Times article from 1991}

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