Bnei Mitzvah

If the world will ever be redeemed, it will be through the virtues of children. Talmud, Nedarim

The Ethiopian Jewish community dreamed for thousands of years to return to the Land of Milk and Honey. Today, 116,000 Ethiopian-Israelis live in Israel, but for 65% of the community’s children, their life is one of poverty.

For Bnei Mitzvah around the world, this life-changing event is also an opportunity to change the lives of others. The Ethiopian National Project improves the lives of thousands of Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers by providing each the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential.

A Bnei Mitzva project with ENP provides the opportunity for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah to make a difference, to enrich a life, and to transform a world.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah with ENP

ENP helps Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers succeed in school, develop self-confidence and discover their potential by providing intensive Scholastic Assistance and a plethora of activities and inspirational staff at ENP Youth Outreach Centers. Each of these projects has myriad mitzvah opportunities that will offer a unique and critical way to make a difference in Israel.

A variety of opportunities exist to sculpt a personalized Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project with ENP. ENP is pleased to work with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and the family to create a project which will make the most out of the mitzvah. In addition, a variety of avenues for recognition of the special gift can be offered. From a short celebratory film, to a family visit, a lasting penpal friend, to participation in the actual ceremony, ENP is a partner in helping make the mitzvah project one to remember.

ENP Youth Outreach Centers

ENP’s Youth Outreach Centers are open from late afternoon into the late evening, providing an accessible, neighborhood Center that includes a variety of extra-curricular activities, a computer laboratory and positive role models. The Centers bustle with activity, with the youth themselves playing an active and leading role in creating the atmosphere and sculpting the program content of the Center, making it a place in which they feel truly comfortable.

Your Mitzvah Gift could fund:

$1,000 Participation of a Teen in an ENP Center

$2,500 Summer Activities at a Center

$5,000 Five Computers for a Center

$10,000 Dance Troupe at a Center

$15,000 Additional Staff Member at a Center

$25,000 Adopt a Center (with a match)

ENP Scholastic Assistance

ENP Scholastic Assistance is a critically-needed holistic program providing supplementary hours of educational support to students in grades seven to twelve to strengthen their academic achievements. The program provides intensive educational support, preparatory lessons, emphasis is placed on building self-esteem, self-motivation and improving study skills, and a range of cultural and social activities, which build a sense of community among the students, increase the students' motivation to participate in the program and help cultivate excellent relations with the staff.

Your Mitzvah Gift could fund:

$1,000 Participation of a Teen

$2,500 Special Summer Program

$5,000 Adopt Five Students in the program

$10,000 Special Parents Workshops

$15,000 Support a Class

$25,000 Support a School (with a match)

With your Mitzvah gift, Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers will be given a helping hand to enable them to reach their full potential, transforming today’s Israel while ensuring a brighter future for everyone. We look forward to establishing a strong connection between the teenagers who will benefit from this gift and you, a bond that has the potential to be long-lasting and truly unforgettable.